From One Tired Mama To Another

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. At one point, all of my offspring were screaming and crying at the same time and I gotta be real, I was pretty close to joining them!

All I wanted to do was finish the laundry and cook dinner. Then something incredible happened… Silence. Total and completely quiet! The girls suddenly slipped into their room and started playing nicely together.

Here I was standing in the kitchen barefoot and staring into Everett’s calm and content eyes. No more tears, just pure peace. In that moment I thought to myself, “ This is what really matters. This is the most important thing.” In that moment I saw all of Gods grace in his tiny face and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I’m here to do.

The laundry can wait.

There’s nothing on my to do list more important than being present in that moment.

If you read nothing else I say, read this. Life is fleeting. It’s messy and it’s beautiful. Motherhood can feel mundane and overwhelming all at once but it is truly a radical calling. Your mission field is within the walls of your home!

When I get to Heaven one day the amount of dirty laundry I did will be inconsequential but I will be held accountable for what I did with the precious lives I was entrusted with.

Just a thought. From one tired Mama to another. 🧡

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