What I Learned In Unseen Moments Of Marriage

He didn’t think I’d notice…

I had my earbuds in scribbling something down, trying to prepare for a podcast interview as the kids played on the floor. He volunteered to cook dinner so I could focus on my task. The kids were loud and my music was playing to muffle out the noise.

He didn’t think I’d notice but I did.

I looked up to find him standing at the stove praying out loud. Praying for me! Speaking into my dreams and my purpose. He didn’t know I could hear him. He never looked my direction but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. In that moment my once anxious heart felt peace and gratitude.

He wakes up before the sun and lays his head to rest at night without a single complaint. He works with his hands and comes home to play at the park. He dreams bigger than I dare to dream. He hopes for the best and always trusts God with the worst.

This man is a praying man. He is a Godly man. He’s a hard working yet surprisingly tender hearted man. He isn’t a perfect man but he’s MY MAN and I thank God every day for him.

Y’all. Marriage can be hard. Heck, life is hard but you know what changes everything?!


Bring everything to God. The good and the gritty. Walk through the hard things together. Spiritual intimacy makes us stronger. As we draw near to God He draws us near to Him and each other.

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