Who Am I?

Who am I? I’ve asked myself this question over and over again.

You know what I’ve done. You know where I’ve been. You know the magnitude of my sin. Send someone else, anyone else I plea, someone worthy of this task. Who am I? Again I ask…

It doesn’t matter if you were raised in a gutter or on a church pew. He chose you. It’s really not even about you but who you belong to.

I’m a firm believer that Jesus sat with the scandalous, the rejected and the religious and we’re called to do the same.

I know from experience that God meets us in the middle of our mess. Which is why I feel called to meet people where they are and do my best to love them well. I chose to love my neighbor and that includes the neighbor who’s sin looks different from mine.

I’ve learned many of life’s lessons the hard way and I’m here to tell you. I know God is faithful because I’ve been left with nothing but faith to hold onto.

I know God provides because I’ve seen Him provide a way where we could see no other way.

I know He will never leave or forsake me because I know the sting of rejection and abandonment. I know from experience He is a Father to the fatherless.

I know He redeems and restores because my life has been transformed. Hey I know the depth of God’s love is more than skin deep. I know religion can’t save but relationship is the key.

I know the good news isn’t mine to hold in and keep. I hope they see you when they see me.

Hello sweet friend, I’m writing a book and my name is Cass. Chosen. That’s who I am. Not qualified but assigned the task.

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  1. jessicavickersphotography says:

    SO absolutely proud of you Cassandra. Cheering you on the entire way!!! Here’s to using your gift for His GLORY!! 🙌🏼💕

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