Fancy Schmancy Photos

It should come as no surprise to you that I’m no photographer but ya girl LOVES a good iPhone photo! When my dear friend and photographer announced she was going to offer presets the clouds opened up and the choirs in heaven sang “Hallelujah”!! Dreams do come true y’all. I’ve been waiting for this day since we moved to Oklahoma City. Finally I can have Kayla Brint quality photos without the road trip to Texas and you can too!

Take this cute candid photo I took at the Zoo! It’s a little dark at first but with one click it’s instantly light and dreamy! Kayla created a preset collection that suits all your iPhone photo needs.

Check out this photo I snapped on the flight line at Tinker Air Force Base! Yet another great example of an ultra easy edit. If I can do it, you can do it! Make your iPhone / Android photos clean, bright and beautiful in literally ONE CLICK. No Adobe subscription necessary.

Basically Bright Collection | Mom Mobile Presets Buy Now

Download the FREE app below ( for Apple users )

Adobe Lightroom Mobile ( FREE ) 

You must download the Lightroom CC App on your Phone, iPad, or Android.

To install your presets, Kayla provides a step-by-step video and PDF guide.

Wanna try before you buy?! Visit and download A Summer Day FOR FREE! This is great preset for summer fun by the water! Makes the water and sky extra blue! Use code: speerandarrows


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