What I Learned About Seeking God

I was 19 years old when I first came to intimately know the Lord. I was wounded, wondering and desperate for hope. I remember how eager I was to understand the Bible and how I poured my heart out into countless prayer journals.

I still have most of those tear stained pages I wrote all those years ago. If I could sit down with the young girl who penned those prayers I would tell her:

Sweet friend,
Keep writing, praying and seeking God. He heard the cries of your heart. You won’t always feel alone and He will mend that broken heart. God truly does place the lonely into families. (Psalm 68:6) But the acceptance you’re longing for can’t be found in a husband, a career or a family. It’s always been Jesus.

He was working in the waiting. He never left your side. Like a good Father, He never stopped pursuing you. It took years and lots of tears but He is faithful, even when the answer is “No or not yet.”And when God feels distant, try tracing your steps back. Keep writing, praying and seeking God.
With a hopeful and sincere heart,
An older, restored and rooted you.

Speaking of seeking God, this beautiful ESV journaling Bible is from @hosannarevival. The design I’m holding is the large print Albion theme.

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